DAY 5: Daily News, March 6, 2018

RACE UPDATE- Day 5, March 6, 2018, Labrador City, NL, Canada

Day 5 began in the early hours with front runners in & out of Express CP15 Eagle Plateau. Teams #22, #00, #32, #30 & #88 headed out to complete the 240 km trek to CP16 Goose Bay.  The weather in Goose Bay remained sunny with cloudy periods, a high of 0 & low of -2 with light winds.

There have been a lot of new, inventive routes this race year – new routes that CQ officials have never seen before. Racers continue to top the charts for fastest times, with a record time of 7 hours from L’anse au Clair to Goose Bay.  With these fast speeds comes a price as many mechanical issues and scratches occurred due to sustained high race speeds.

Scratches today included:

Team #77, Sons of Labrador – Brad Pye & Trent Parr

Team #86, Team Yamaha – Rick Burke & Al Combdon

Team #69, Frenchie’s Outdoor Shack – Broderick Barney & Wayne King

Team #36, Nord Cotier – Reginald Tremblay & JF Tremblay

Team #63, Portneuf/Nord Cotier – Sebastien Tremblay & Benoit Roberge

Labrador has experienced exceptionally favourable race conditions this week. Racers are completing the 2018 race much quicker than anticipated.  Front running racers are expected to arrive in CP17 Churchill Falls tonight.  Organizers will hold in Churchill Falls to ensure a daylight finish on Tanya Lake in Labrador City at a time to be determined in the morning on Wednesday, March 7, 2018.

Cain’s Quest gives racers an opportunity to pay tribute to loved ones & those who have left behind a legacy. We saw Team #30, Team Nui, pay respect to their late niece by wearing armbands throughout the race to honour her.  Team #4, Back Country Racing, have beautiful decals mounted on their sled in memory of young Burton Winter, a young Labrador boy was lost on Labrador sea-ice when his machine became stuck in an endless stretch of white.

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Cain’s Quest is the world’s toughest and longest snowmobile endurance race. It is an incredible off-trail riding adventure where teams of two battle in an all-out race through 3,200 kilometres of deep snow and thick wooded areas in some of the most remote parts of Labrador. The race is managed by Cain’s Quest Inc., a volunteer-run, non-profit organization.


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