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Sponsoring a race like Cain’s Quest is aligning your company with a world-renowned, highly publicized, and well-respected sporting event. The Cain’s Quest Sponsorship Program offers global reach to millions of potential buyers through a ready-made marketing strategy. Since inception, Cain’s Quest has researched and noted ever-changing trends in marketing mediums. It is for this reason, Cain’s Quest utilizes the latest and most popular methods of advertising to receive maximum visibility within target markets.

The Cain’s Quest 2023 CainsQuest Sponsorship Package has something for everybody. Depending on your level of sponsorship, you could receive product endorsements, as well as advertising through TV, Radio, Magazines, and Newspapers. Cain’s Quest focuses heavily on web-based marketing through social media, e-mail blasts, newsletters, online ad placements and commercial spots as well as forums and blogs. Cain’s Quest will promote sponsors at every available opportunity and can, depending on your investment, personally tailor a unique benefits package based on your specific needs.

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The Highest Recognition Possible

Cain’s Quest Snowmobile Endurance Race is back in 2023 with an exclusive sponsorship opportunity. Cain’s Quest is thrilled to offer the top spot of Signature Sponsor in our 2023 sponsorship program. It is the crème de la crème of the Cain’s Quest sponsorship program. It means premium benefits, exclusivity, top billing in advertising, and the highest recognition possible.


Custom Sponsorship Options

It is important to Cain’s Quest that you, our sponsor, receive maximum value for your financial backing. That means unique marketing opportunities at every turn. It means our assurance that race followers know that your company is part of making Cain’s Quest possible. While we have designed a sponsorship plan outlining benefits based on the level of contribution, we understand that often a major sponsor may have a unique idea on how the program would be most beneficial. It is, for this reason, we invite you to contact us for a specifically tailored package. We promote our sponsors through a variety of media outlets (TV, magazine, newspapers, online, and direct e-mail). It’s about what you want and how we can deliver.


A Commitment to Culture

Cain’s Quest recognizes and honours the outstanding cooperation and contribution received from the many Government and Municipal departments that endorse this event. This program focuses heavily on exposure through public recognition of our valued partnerships and showcasing the diverse cultures and rich heritage of Newfoundland and Labrador.


Create Powerful Associations

As a product sponsor, you could reach millions of potential buyers through your official association with the world’s longest and toughest snowmobile endurance race. Obtain rights to use the Cain’s Quest name and logo in your advertising. Gain promotional opportunities through Cain’s Quest by showcasing your company through the many high visibility marketing initiatives Cain’s Quest has to offer, which includes advertising through TV, Radio, Print, online/social media, and route signage.
Put your product directly in the hands of thousands of Cain’s Quest race fans through our online store. We will profile your product and outline where to buy it directly on the cainsquest.com website with an official Cain’s Quest endorsement!

Sponsorship Opportunities

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