DAY 4: Daily News – March 5, 2018

RACE UPDATE- Day 4, March 5, 2018, Labrador City, NL, Canada

Day four of CQ2018! Early morning departures for the front running teams, Teams #22 and #00, travelled incredible speeds down the coast, followed by Teams #88 & 29.

Three more teams have scratched-Team #78 – Team North West River, brothers Paul Cooper & Isiah Crane, Team #79 – Team Newhook, Eric Newhook & Daniel Newhook,  and #92 – Team We’re Gone, Ryan Leaman & Cameron Boozan.  All three teams scratching due to mechanical troubles.

While the journey south from Nain for the leaders was exciting to watch, we were all glued to the screen watching the struggling, but determined Teams #36 – Team Nord Cotier; Reginald Tremblay & son JF Tremblay. This teams experienced incredible delays due to mechanical, but were determined to continue racing.

All teams entered a flex option of layover time (max 10-hours) between Checkpoint #5, Natuashish & Checkpoint #14, Mary’s Harbour. Some may choose to take it early, while others may stagger the time in the minimum 2-hour increments. Others may wait until the final checkpoint to take their complete layover. When all teams have departed Mary’s Harbour, we will have a true picture of the leaderboard.

Many ask about the reasons behind the flex layover option. Rob Pilgrim, CQ Vice Chair says ‘Although the flex time option is frustrating for viewers & the general public, however it’s design to allow racers to avoid bad weather, eases pressures in communities that do not have adequate accommodations, allows for parts delivery in remote areas & racers may use this time as a strategy to maximize daylight hours.

All teams must serve 12-hours of layover time in L’anse au Clair, Checkpoint # 15, before heading into CP16 Eagle Plateau, then on to Goose Bay for their last 12 hour mandatory layover.

Riders definitely have their homework done on the route as the race is approximately 24-30 hours ahead of estimated schedule. It’s clear that the front runners are not navigating – they are running a line in front of them, likely from earlier scouting of the areas.

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Cain’s Quest is the world’s toughest and longest snowmobile endurance race. It is an incredible off-trail riding adventure where teams of two battle in an all-out race through 3,200 kilometres of deep snow and thick wooded areas in some of the most remote parts of Labrador. The race is managed by Cain’s Quest Inc., a volunteer-run, non-profit organization.


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