Cain’s Quest Launches Plans for 2014

Date: November 7th, 2012

Labrador City, NL – Building on the tremendous success of the 2012 Cain’s Quest Snowmobile Endurance Race, organizers are excited to launch plans for March 2014, which promises to be the most extreme snowmobiling event in the world.

Cain’s Quest is in a unique situation. Driven by dedicated and determined volunteers and only one paid employee, Canada’s premier snowmobile endurance race attracts the attention of participants and race fans from around the globe. The race has reached a point where organizers feel it is necessary to develop a standard of excellence and professionalism that complement the race’s established reputation as a superlative snowmobile competition within the professional racing world.

Over the next sixteen months, Cain’s Quest will address previous organizational challenges and re-introduce Cain’s Quest 2014 as THE top choice event among race fans, racers and snowmobile and adventure enthusiasts.

Cain’s Quest proposes to:

  • Increase marketing efforts and tap into current market trends reaching a broader audience
  • Engage spectators and interact with race fans online
  • Develop and execute a sponsorship strategy that enhances the current benefits package, attracts new sponsors and strengthens existing partner relationships
  • Keep up to date with ever-changing technological advancements and incorporate new technologies into race/fan interaction.
  • Develop a volunteer recruitment and retention strategy that increases involvement and reduces “burn out” Engage communities along the race route to become more active and include Cain’s Quest as a part of their municipal spending
  • Explore new route options to showcase more of Labrador’s unique landscape and cultural heritage
  • Increase operational income to employ more staff to manage key areas of the event
  • Review rules and regulations to correspond with the growth of the event
  • Review current safety procedures to identify areas for improvement and implement new safety standards

For more information on Cain’s Quest visit

Contact: Todd Kent-Co Chair-(709)-944-5013 or 5011 PO Box 206, Labrador City, NL Canada, A2V 2K5

The purpose of Cain’s Quest is to promote Labrador as a premier snowmobiling destination and provide reliable, consistent, safe and honourable crosscountry snowmobile racing and recreational riding in Labrador.

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