Cain’s Quest Day 5 Mid-Day Report

Day 5 of Cain’s Quest is a grueling one. The trek from Rigolet to Postville was long and arduous, but teams 38, 00, 29 and 99 have made it through and are making their way up the North Coast of Labrador.

Another scratch was reported this morning by team 69, King-Collingwood. The team triggered their emergency response beacon on their yellowbrick trackers at 9:07 a.m. and CQ immediately dispatched their helicopter which was stationed in Postville. The team was picked up by the chopper at 9:51 a.m. and are doing well. Team member Wayne King explained that they encountered water and slob in a brook 26 km south of Postville, he was wet and felt that they should hit their emergency response button for their own personal safety.

Team 29 rolled a machine just after the Makkovik checkpoint. Team member Mark Nui is currently being assessed by medical personnel. CQ will require medial release before team 29 can continue in the race. A protest has been filed by team 99 against team 38 for reportedly using groomed trails. The protest is currently under review by the CQ Race Marshall and protest committee. Teams 5, 7, 17, 77, 73, 5 and 59 are slowly making their way to Postville.

Teams 6 and 88 ran into wet conditions outside of Cartwright and with the help of local volunteers returned for a rest and warm-up at checkpoint # 8. They are currently travelling together towards Rigolet, where checkpoint volunteers anxiously await their arrival.

Teams 32, 98 and 8 are also making their way to Postville on this cold Labrador Day. Weather conditions are predicted to improve over the next 24 hours, hopefully giving the hard working racers a reprieve.

18 hours of mandatory layover time must be taken by racers between checkpoints 11 and 15 (Postville to Nain). So far, racers are choosing to express through checkpoints 11 and 12. Will this trend continue? Will they push themselves to reach Nain for a long 16 hour layover and a well deserved rest?

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