Cain’s Quest Day 1 News

Cain’s Quest Day 1

Cain’s Quest got off to a roaring start at 12 noon in Labrador City. Twenty-nine teams lined up to begin one of the most challenging experiences of their lives. While hundreds were at the start line, thousands watched online, waiting to see which course the racers would take, who would scratch and who would finish.

Team 87, Guertin Equipment, were first off the line, followed by the remaining 28 teams, departing in two minute intervals.  All racers were officially on the clock’ by 12:56 p.m. heading east towards Churchill Falls.  Several race teams strayed from the suggested route, attempting to gain time on the Esker road, but in the end, the eastern path proved to be the fastest.

The regulated time differential was served in Churchill Falls. Teams were held for the equivalent of their lead from the last starting position.  For example, team 32, Benuen-Selma, departed 18 minutes ahead of the last team 38, Kujjuaq Wolf Pack, so they were held for 18 minutes in Churchill Falls. The differential is much like a reset; it is as if all racers departed the start line at the same time. From this point in the race, the true leader can be determined.

Two scratches have already been recorded for teams 66 and 11, both devastated by the early scratch. Mechanical issues forced team 11’s scratch while team 66 quite literally watched their race dreams go up in smoke. One race sled was engulfed in flame, leaving just smouldering dreams of victory for racers Hudson and Clarke of Labrador City.

The leader out of Churchill Falls was team 29, veteran Mark Nui and rookie Joachim Nui, with teams 30, 98, 00 and 38 close behind. Team 5 of Goose Bay quickly took the lead, while team 91, Chatman and 88, Southern Sno Riders appeared to have veered off course…within the hour, they appeared to have found their way again.

Speed for this year’s race is unprecedented, and it looks as though racers will arrive in Happy Valley-Goose Bay well ahead of the predicted time. All racers are required to serve an eight-hour layover in Happy Valley-Goose Bay and will head south to the Labrador Straits on Sunday.

Keep following live to find out who will arrive at checkpoint two first!

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