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Since the inaugural Cain’s Quest in 2006, hundreds of racers have flocked to Labrador with one goal in mind: to conquer the elements and each other in a fight to be victorious in North America’s most extreme snowmobile race.

With our next race happening soon, take a moment to look back through previous winners of our unparalleled Arctic expedition. You’ll see champions from all over Canada and the USA, so regular riding in our backyard does not necessarily give you an edge.



Team 8-Gerard Rumbolt, John Efford

Team 1- Rene Arsenault, Luc Derosier

Team 17- Shannon Strangemore, Dave Dumaresque



Teams 1 Toby Myles, Jocelyn Tremblay, Team 2 Dixon Clements, Dion Hancock, Team 12, Garret Hunt P, Kent Careen

Team 7 Jason King, Roland Barth

Team 6 Dion Fillier, Duane Newhook,   Team 8 Gerard Rumbolt, John Efford,  Team 11 Joesph Hancock, Myles O’Brian



Team 8 Gerard Rumbolt, John Efford

Team 25 Steve Frecette, Jean Guy Aucion

Team 21 Bill Boisvert, Bunk Boisvert



Team 31 Tim Lessard, Eric Hall

Team 22 Rich Nipping, Rob Gardner

Team 27- Paul Dick, Rex Hibbert


2010 Canceled due to lack of Ice near the coast



Team 22 Rob Gardner, Rich Nipping

Team 6 Gary Travers, Chris Travers

Team 31 Tim Lessard, Eric Hall



Team 25 Jean Guy AuCoin, Steve Girand

Team 31 Tim Lessard, Eric Hall

Team 29 Mark Nui, Joachim Nui Jr.



Team 73 Jason Watkins, Kevin Willmot

Team 77 Rolande Barthe, Jason King

Team 7 Kirk Hastings, David Price



Team 22 Robert Gardner, Andrew Milley

Team 3 Warren Alsip, Dion Wakefield

Team 67 Joey Lukan, Robert



Team 22 Robert Gardner, Andrew Milley

Team 00 Aaron Poker, Len Rich

Team 88 Scott Biddle, Dixon Clements



Team 21 Darryl Burdett, Roddrick Pye

Team 50 Murray O’Brien, Blair Roberts

Team 02 Boyd Lavers, Tyson Ryan

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